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100% baby alpaca blanket

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Dimensions: 150 x 187 cm

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A blanket made from 100% baby alpaca wool. 

Alpaca wool is considered one of the most luxurious natural fibres. It is almost as precious and delicate as cashmere, although it surpasses it in thermal properties. Alpaca wool is very durable, naturally anti-allergenic and non-irritating. Most appreciated are its thermal insulation properties. It warms several times more than sheep's wool, yet is much lighter and has a pleasant softness to the body. Like cashmere, alpaca wool has high hygroscopic and thermoregulatory ("breathable") properties and is highly crease- and dirt-resistant. In alpaca wool dust mites do not develop, it does not absorb dust or bacteria. It has an antimicrobial effect on our body.

The most exclusive variety of alpaca wool is the fibre coming from the first shearing of young alpacas, the so-called "baby alpaca". This variety is one of the most appreciated and desirable fibres in the world. 

Natural dyeing of wool

No chemicals are used in the production and maintenance of alpaca yarn. In Peru, it is very popular to use natural ingredients to dye wool. These dyeing methods ensure that the products are 100% natural and completely safe for our bodies. For the colouring of wool in Peru, purple corn, the flower of the qolle plant, chilka and the so-called Inca flowers, among others, are used. 

Natural colouring is long-lasting, intense and very striking.

Breeding and life of Alpacas

One of the most important issues for us when choosing a producer is information about the humane treatment of the animals. As in Mongolia, in Peru the animals live free-range all year round. Alpacas graze in the mountains, completely free during the day. They spend the night in an enclosure that protects them from predators. In exchange for wool, people ensure that the alpacas have adequate shelter and access to water. They are very intelligent, fast-learning animals. They get attached to people easily.

Wool for production was collected from animals living in the wild in a humane manner respecting their rights. The most common way of obtaining wool in Peru is combing it from animal fur.

Data sheet

Country of origin
150 x 187 cm
100% baby alpaca wool
Special features
thermoactive, antiallergic

Specific References

Wash on low temperature

Washen bei 20°

Do not bleach

Do not bleach

Ironing allowed

Ironing allowed

Do not dry-clean

Do not dry-clean

Dry in shade

Dry in shade

Do not wring

Do not wring

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