Animals in Mongolia are adapted to life in harsh climate conditions. Thick and coarse hair coat protects them against wind and cold. The wool protects the animals and isolate them from winter climates, keeping warm. On the other hand it helps to keep the body temperature constant in the summer.
Animals in Mongolia live wild, free range all-year-round.

Mongols for thousand of years raise 5 types of animals on pastures: horses, camels, rams, goats and cows (yaks). One of the main advantages of Mongolian herding is that each day animals are taken to the pasture and find food on their own. They eat grass and medicinal herbs, they absorb nutrients. Each animal eats different plants, cattle eat flowers and some kind of fruits, rams eat stems and other sheep eat lower parts of grass (roots).

Nomads treat their animals with respect. In the desert oasis, they care to provide all the animals with water which they draw from wells. People wait patiently till camels, horses, goats and yaks quench thirst. For people of steppe and desert animals are treasure and survival condition.